Control & monitoring equipment

ABS multifunction sensor, MD 571

md_571The MD 571 is a multi-parameter sensor measuring turbidity, conductivity and temperature and has been developed to interface the ABS environmental logger EL 44.

The MD 571 consists of three sensors mounted into a tough acetyl housing with a stainless steel mounting arm attached to the other end of the housing. The sensor is designed to be mounted horizontally, with the mounting pole at 45 degrees.


ABS modular control system PCx

pcxPCx is a technically very advanced and powerful control system.
The system build up is scalable, flexible and modular. The combination of software and modular build up makes this unit suitable for application such as small and medium size sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, booster pressure stations, sewage pumping stations etc.


ABS pump controller 2 pumps, PC 241, PC 242

pc_242The PC 241 and 242 is a 2 pump controller designed mainly to be used in municipal wastewater pumping stations of either gravitation or pressurised type. It is has many advanced features to minimise the costs in the pumping station throughout the whole life-cycle.

The controller comes in two versions: with graphical display to have a full user interface and without display to fit in budget applications. The level sensing in the pit may be done using either float switches or 4-20 mA sensor.


ABS conductive level switch, KV

kvThe KV is a conductive level switch, primarily used as overflow switch in sewage pumping pits. The KV can also be used in other applications where the conductivity of the media is between 25 and 750 ?S/cm.


ABS pressure sensor, MD 124

md124MD 124 is a 4-20 mA loop powered pressure sensor. It has a robust construction and is easily mounted on standard 35 mm DIN-rail. MD 124 is ideal for measuring liquid levels using the ”bubble tube” principle.


ABS float switch KS

KS1The ABS float switch can be used in liquids for control operations by using the liquid level. It is suitable for use in sewage.

In the float switch a ball moves depending on the floating position and operates a high quality micro switch. The recessed rolling surface for the ball ensures trouble-free functioning even if the cable is twisted. In order to vary the switching differential it is possible to shorten or lengthen the cable fastening position.


ABS hydrostatic sensors HSR

hsrHSR is a sewage water resistant, PVC encapsulated, 2-wire loop powered, submersible, hydrostatic level sensor. It is designed for level measurement in liquids like stormwater and wastewater in pump sumps. When connected in series with a DC power supply, the HSR gives a 4 to 20 mA output signal which is proportional to the level of the liquid.


ABS hydrostatic sensors HSC2

HSC2_190pHSC2 is a sewage water resistant, stainless steel encapsulated, submersible, hydrostatic level sensor of
high accuracy. It is designed for level measurement in liquids like stormwater and wastewater in pump sumps.
When connecting the 2-wire loop powered sensor in series with a DC power supply, the HSC2 gives a 4 to
20 mA output signal which is proportional to the level of the liquid.


ABS environmental logger EL 44

EL44EL 44 is mainly to be used in applications where there is non or limited access to power supply and telephone lines. It is a further development of our control computer PCx.

Most of the functionality in EL 44 is reused from the PCx but not the possibility to connect expansion modules. Data logger EL 44 is a powerful logger unit with integrated  input amplifiers, for some of the most important environmental parameters used today to determine the health of
our environment.


ABS control panel CP 221

CP221The CP 221 is a control panel providing a complete solution for 2-pump sewage pumping stations. It is built around the ABS PC 242 controller with advanced control and monitoring features to give optimum performance and reliability over the stations whole life cycle. It is designed to be wall mounted in buildings and the design will give a high degree of redundancy to maintain pump operation in most cases of single failure


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