Mixers & agitators

ABS Scaba agitator

The ABS Scaba agitators are of a robust, modular design and can be combined with various types of drive units, seals and impellers. The propeller makes the required process perform at the lowest possible power input. Treatment of highly polluted water, or other biodegradable masses with high organic pollutants, can produce biogas and energy by using ABS Scaba agitators within anaerobic digester. The agitator is individually tailored for different types of wastewater and tanks. By using special software, the most reliable solution for any type of mixing problems can be accurately designed.


ABS flow booster SB

SBwebSlow running submersible units with integral motors from 1.4 to 4.5 kW (1.9 to 6 hp) for gentle circulation and mixing of fluids in treatment plants and industrial applications. SB is complete with monocast propeller blades and excellent self cleaning properties giving optimum operation with low energy input especially when used for denitrification and phosphate elimination. The unit is connected to a concrete pedestal by an innovative coupling system which allows the unit to be raised and lowerd for inspection even in filled tanks.


ABS submersible mixer RW

RW_groupA wide range of submersible mixers with integral motors from 1.3 to 25 kW (1.7 - 34 hp) for agitating, blending, mixing, dissolving and suspension of solids in municipal treatment plants, industry and agriculture. The RW 200 is mainly used for mixing applications in pump sumps. ABS offers highly efficient multipole and gear driven mixers with either standard or explosion proof motor enclosures. ABS support includes literature and computer software for sizing and design of each installation.


ABS submersible recirculation pump RCP

RCPSubmersible propeller pump for pumping and circulating activated sludge in wastewater treatment plants, especially for the denitrification/nitrification process. It is intended for large flow and low heads between 0.1 and 1.8 m (4 - 71 in). In contrast to conventional axial flow pumps, recirculation pumps do not require expensive structures in the tank. The unit is lowered along a guide tube and connected by an automatic coupling system to the pipeline.


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