EC Between Bearings Single Case Axially Split Multistage Pump


The EC is a multistage, horizontal split case pump, designed to support large flow and high head applications in mining and water transmission applications. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  • Brands:
  • Applications:
    Heavy Oil, Oil Sands and Shale, Molten Salt Transfer, Offsites and Waste Treatment, Renewable Fuel Production, Shipping, Water Supply and Treatment (oil and gas), Auxiliary (chemical), Drilling and Production, Flood Control, Ground Water Development and Irrigation
  • Industries:
    Chemical Processing, General Industries, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Water Resources
  • Standards:
  • Misc:

Horizontally Split Casing allows access to the pump internals without removing the suction and discharge connections.

Pump Rotor can be removed without disturbing the motor or alignment which simplifies maintenance.

The pump can be mounted horizontally or vertically to suit application piping requirements.

Shaft Sleeves between the stages and in the stuffing boxes reduce friction wear.

Stuffing Boxes are furnished with graphite impregnated packing which provides easy maintenance and leakage adjustment for long life.

Operating Parameters

  • Flows to 2340 m3/h (10 300 gpm)
  • Heads to 650 m (2130 ft)
  • Pressures to 88 bar (1300 psi)
  • Temperatures from -30°C (-20°F) to 150°C (300°F)
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