Propeller pumps

267418Submersible propeller pumps are generally regarded as the best choice for pumping large volumes of water at relatively low heads.

Typical application areas for this series of pumps include storm-water stations, sewage-treatment plants, land drainage, irrigation, aquaculture and water attractions.

The pumps in this series have capacities ranging from 100 to 5000 liters per second.


Monitoring equipment
All these pumps in this series have temperature sensors in their stator windings and temperature sensors that monitor their main bearings. Should liquid penetrate a pumpĀ“s stator housing, a float-switch sensor positioned below the bearings and the stator-end coils will shut the pump down. Additional monitoring functions can be installed.

All these pumps are approved in accordance with national and international standards (IEC 34-1, CSA). They are also available in explosion-proof versions: Factory Mututal (FM) and European Norm (EN).

Corrosion protection
For corrosive application, all these pumps can be equipped with zinc anodes, extra corrosion-resistant outer seal, epoxy coating and stainless steel shaft and propeller.

Squirrel cage, high-performance, induction motor, specially designed for submersible applications and manufactured by Flygt.

Designed with one roller bearing and one or two angular contact ball bearings.

Two sets of mechanical shaft-seals that work independently, for double security.
Designed, patented and manufactured by Flygt.

Oil housing
In addition to lubricating the seals, the oil-filled compartment dissipates heat from the motor and bearing. The housing also provides additional safety against penetration by liquids.

Guide vanes
Guide vane configuration stabilized flow and prevents build-up of fibres and other debris.

Wear rings
Easily replaced wear rings help maintain high pumping efficiency.

Performance Field

Hydraulic section PL

PL_bigFor clean or solids-bearing liquids: The propeller is dynamically balanced for minimum vibration and maximum life of seals and bearings. Its new, hydrodynamic, conical design affords more efficient pumping. Moreover, the propellers swept-back blades (for low-clogging performance) are accurately machined to match the pumps specified duty point.


Method Of Installation

LPump within a vertical steel or concrete column.

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