WUJ API 610 (VS1), Vertical Wet Pit WUJ API 610 (VS1), Vertical Wet Pit Pump


The Flowserve WUJ vertical turbine is a radial flow or axial flow type, multistage, heavy-duty single casing pump. It is designed for wet pit or deep well applications.
  • Brands:
  • Applications:
    Wet Pit, Snowmaking, Sewage, Irrigation, Deep Well, Water Supply, Flood Control, Water Treatment
  • Industries:
    Water Supply and Distribution, Water Handling and Treatment, Utilities, Desalination
  • Standards:
  • Misc:

Choice of Radial or Mixed Flow Hydraulics to best meet service requirements. Choose radial flow hydraulics for low flow, high head applications; mixed flow hydraulics for high flow, low head applications.

Axial Thurst Tilting Pad Bearing Configuration allows use of standard motors for high horsepower or ultra-high thrust operating conditions.

Stiff Shaft Design ensures stable operation under all service conditions.

API 682 Compliant Mechanical Seal Chamber accommodates all cartridge mounted seal designs, including single, dual unpressurized or pressurized liquid or gas designs.


  • Flanged spacer type coupling
  • Screen-type, non-sparking coupling guard
  • Casing and impeller wear rings
  • Reinforced motor stand
  • Optional inducer
  • Designed to the following international standards
    • API 610, latest edition
    • ASME Sections VIII and IX
    • German Pressure Vessel Association (AD)
    • British Standard BS 5500
    • Compliance with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC

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