Large centrifugal pumps

267427The C3000 series of large centrifugal pumps
The pumps in the C3000 Series of large centrifugal pumps are used primarily for pumping sewage, waste water, and storm water in municipal stations. Other application areas for this broad assortment of highly reliable pumps include raw-water handling, agriculture, aquaculture, irrigation and industry.

The pumps in this series have capacities ranging from 100 to 2000 liters per second.

For applications in explosive enviroments, C Series pumps can be supplied in EX-approved (explosion-proof) versions.

General Design

69705Monitoring equipment
All the pumps in this series have temperature sensors in their stator windings and main bearings. Should liquid penetrate a pump's stator housing, a float-switch sensor positioned below the bearings and the stator-end coils will shut the pump down.

These pumps are approved in accordance with national and international standards (IEC 34-1, CSA). They are also available in explosion-proof versions: factory Mutual(FM) and European Norm(EN).

Corrosion protection
For corrosive applications, these pumps can be equipped with zinc anodes, extra corrosion-resistant outer seal, epoxy coating, and stainless steel shaft and impeller.

Squirrel cage, high-performance, induction motor, specially designed for submersible applications and manufactured by Flygt.

High-efficiency cooling system that uses the pumped liquid as the coolant.

Designed with one roller bearing and one or two angular-contact ball bearings. The design prevents water from passing through the bearings in the event of leakage.

Two sets of mechanical shaft that work independently, for double safety. Designed, patented, and manufactured by Flygt.

Oil housing
In addition to lubricating the seals, the oil-filled compartment dissipates heat from the motor and bearing. The housing also provides additional safety against penetration by liquids.

Wear rings
Easily replaced wear rings help maintain high pumping efficiency.

Performance Field

Hydraulic section C

C_big_largeThe C-pumps are equipped with a shrouded single- or multi-channel impeller running in volute. The shape and the size of the channel minimize clogging, and therefore make the pump ideal for waste water containing large solid particles.


Methods Of Installation


P: Semi permanent, Wet
Wet well/wet pit arrangement with pump installed on twin guide bars with automatic connection to discharge.

S: Semi permanent, Wet
Portable version with hose coupling or flange for connection to discharge pipeline.

T: Permanent, Dry
Dry well/dry pit installation with flange connection to suction and discharge piping; vertical mounting

Z: Permanent, Dry
Dry well/dry pit installation with flange connection to suction and discharge piping; horizontal mounting
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