Process pumps

Scanpump process pump BA

BA-product-pictureA heavy duty pump built in accordance with ISO standard 5199 and incorporated into the Scanpump Modular System. Hydraulic efficiency is very high and for the bigger pumps the well-known ABS bearing assemblies give the largest pump an efficiency of 91%.

Application areas:
BA pumps are especially designed for pulp and paper stock, slurries in general, abrasive media and clean liquids.


Scanpump process pump NB

NB-product-pictureAn exceptionally reliable pump, in accordance with ISO Standards 2858 and 5199, based on the flexible Scanpump Modular System.

Series NB pumps incorporate high efficiencies and generous corrosion allowances which ensure trouble-free pumping and minimise operating costs.


ABS clean liquid pump NL

NL_general_purposeThe NL series is designed for water and other clean liquid applications within industry, water & wastewater and building services. The pumps are available in a number of different materials and shaft seal options ensuring optimal operating conditions for every application. Every configuration is fine-tuned to deliver high efficiency with low NPSH requirements. These pumps also comply with the standards EN 733/DIN 24255 and ISO 9908.


Scanpump split casing pump Z22

Z22-product-pictureAxial split casing for horizontal or vertical installation fitted with a double suction impeller. A comprehensive range of pump sizes and different impeller options maximize the operating economy. The Z22 range provides reliable performance for applications in district heating systems, thermal power plants, water and sewage works, etc.


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