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Positive displacement rotary piston water meter.
Magnetic drive.
Size: 1/2” (Q3 2.5) to 1” (Q3 6.3).
Coaxial version with single pipe connection (manifold) also available.
Maximum water temperature: 30 °C or 50 °C

Certified in accordance with Directive 2004/22/EC (MID)
Conformity assessment procedure: B + D.
Maximum measuring range (R) Q3/Q1: 800 (1/2” water meters) in any installation position, which allows to obtain water meters with a lower measuring range (400 - 315 – 160.)
Available in a pre-equipped version for retrofitting a reed switch or inductive pulse emitter. 
The dial can be customized with a bar code representing the serial number, or with other inscriptions.
Available with replaceable lead wire seal.

Also available class C approved for installation in any position in accordance with Directive 75/33/EEC
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