Main features

Standby power LTP : 176 kW
Rated prime power (PRP) : 166 kW
Rated continuous power (COP) : 150 kW
Phases : 3
Voltage : 400 V
Frequency : 50 Hz
Engine manufacturer : Deutz
Fuel : Diesel
Speed governor : Electronic

GSW 195-220 Series

This range of generators includes a complete instrumentation panel, which offers maximum protection and the highest endurance, making them suitable for many high demanding activities, such as rental, telecommunications, UPS systems and industrial applications.


Main specifications
Type Openset
Standby power LTP 220 kVA
Standby power LTP 176 kW
Rated prime power (PRP) 207 kVA
Rated prime power (PRP) 166 kW
Rated continuous power (COP) 187 kVA
Rated continuous power (COP) 150 kW
Phases 3
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Battery charger current 55 A
Circuit breaker 320
Ratio 0,99
Engine specifications
Engine manufacturer Deutz
Model BF6M1013FCP G3
Stroke 4, diesel
Fuel Diesel
Number of cylinders and disposition 6, inline
Displacement 7150 cm³
Air intake Turbocharged, CAC
Starting system Electric
Nominal operating speed 1500 rpm
Speed governor Electronic
SAE n.a.
Flywheel n.a.
Continuous power COP 161,6 kW
Prime power PRP 178,6 kW
Standby power LTP 196,6 kW
Lube oil capacity 20 l
Coolant capacity 27,3 l
Fuel consumption at 100% PRP 49 l/h
Fuel consumption at 75% PRP 37 l/h
Maximum lube oil consumption at PRP 0,3 %
Electric circuit voltage 12 V
Engine derating 1,0
Cooling fan Mechanical
Alternator specifications
Alternator manufacturer MeccAlte
Model ECO 38 2S
Poles 4
Revolution speed 1500 rpm
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Continuous nominal power at 40°C - COP 200 kVA
Continuous nominal power at 27°C - PRP 210 kVA
Standby power at 27 °C - LTP 220 kVA
Continuous active power at 27°C - PRP 168 kW
Efficiency at 75% load 92,9 %
Efficiency at 100% load 92,7 %
Maximum admitted overload 10% for 1 hour every 12 hours of running time S2
Voltage regulation system Electronic
Alternator derating 1,0
Protection grade IP 21
Additional information
Fuel tank location Internal
Fuel tank capacity 410 l
Running time at 100% PRP 8,35 h
Running time at 75% PRP 11 h
Measured acoustic power (LWA) at 10 mt n.a.
Noise level at 7 m -25 dBA
Guaranteed noise level (LWA) n.a.
Dimensional data
Length 2650 mm
Width 1100 mm
Height 1965 mm
Dry weight 1964 kg
Mechanical speed governor Optional
Electronic speed governor Optional
Radio interference suppression Optional
Standard AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) Optional
Optional AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) Optional
Underspeed protection Optional
12 V electric circuit Optional
24 V electric circuit Optional
Air intake filter Optional
Equipment: panel
On-board ACP (Automatic Control Panel) Optional
ACP (Automatic Control Panel), delivered loose Optional
On-board LTS (Load Transfer Switch) panel Optional
LTS (Load Transfer Switch) panel, delivered loose Optional
Power section with circuit breaker delivered loose Optional
Power section with on-board circuit breaker Optional
Differential protection Optional
Engine coolant preheater Optional
Manual oil draining pump Optional
Equipment: basic engine configuration
Optimized fuel consumption Optional
Equipment: starting system
Single pneumatic starter motor Optional
Electric starter and compressed air starter Optional
2 electric starters with separate power supply Optional
Equipment: batteries
Batteries Optional
Battery liquid Optional
Battery disconnecting device Optional
Equipment: fuel feeding system
Air filters with contamination indicator Optional
Fuel level sensor (minimum and maximum) Optional
Fuel main filter Optional
Fuel prefilter water separator Optional
Electric valve for fuel circuit Optional
Equipment: lube oil system
Lube oil filler neck, dipstick Optional
Lube oil fine filter Optional
Lube oil cooler Optional
Equipment: exhaust line
No silencer option Optional
Catalytic silencer Optional
Spark arrester Optional
Flexible exhaust compensator Optional
Connection flanges to exhaust line Optional
Equipment: silencer
Industrial silencer -15 dB(A) Optional
Residencial silencer -35 dB(A) Optional
Equipment: engine switches and senders
Fuel minimum level switch Optional
Coolant minimum level switch Optional
Coolant temperature switch Optional
Coolant temperature sender Optional
Lube oil minimum level switch Optional
Lube oil minimum pressure switch Optional
Lube oil maximum temperature switch Optional
Lube oil temperature sender Optional
Lube oil pressure sender Optional