Aeration systems

ABS Nopon disc diffuser system

DDSABS disc diffuser system offers five alternative diffuser models. All are fast and easy to install and maintain. The PIK 300 has a polypropylene body and a unique construction. Being interchangeable, the HKL 215, KKI 215 and PVK/PRF 300 offer high flexibility. The polyethylene disc of the HKL 215 is the best solution for certain chemical applications.


ABS turbocompressor HST

HSTThe product is based on a high speed motor with integrated turbo compressor with a frequency converter and magnetic bearings. Mainly ABS turbocompressors are used in the wastewater treatment plants and in industrial low pressure processes.

The frequency converter is Vacon NX type. The customer can access monitoring values and parameters via door panel. The unit can also be remote operated and monitored via analog or digital signals. At this moment customer can choose Modbus or Profibus as an option.


ABS Venturi Jet Aerator

venturi_jet_aeratorIdeal for mixing combined with aeration of wastewater containing sewage, offal, organic industrial effluent, slurry, etc. Also for use in balance tanks where a combination of mixing and aeration reduces septicity and smells. Other uses are in cleaning of storm water tanks. Especially suitable for emergency or intermittent aeration tasks. The venturi-jet is based on the injection principle and an effective air-water mix is produced which results in optimum aeration and suspension of solids.


ABS submersible aerator TA/TAK

TA_nySelf-aspirating submersible aerators for wastewater and water treatment in municipal and industrial plants. Main areas of application are mixing and equalisation tanks, activated sludge tanks, SBR-reactors and sludge storage tanks at a water depth between 2 and 9 m (7 - 30 ft).

The aerator is free standing on the bottom of the basin and hence can be installed without emptying the basin. The aerator is characterised by a very low noise level and no aerosol formation. The aeration produces fine bubbles and the oxygen transfer factor is high.


ABS disc diffuser system Sucoflow DS

SUCOFLOWABS disc diffuser system Sucoflow DS 20 aeration system is mounted on square pipe and particularly suitable for liftable systems.


ABS Nopon submersible aerator mixer OKI

OKIThe OKI aerator mixers are easy to install and absolutely non-clogging. They have a very high consistent aeration efficiency and offer a gentle mixing. Maintenance or changing the plant configuration is always easy thanks to their liftability. The aeration depth can vary from 4 to 20 meters. The OKI 1000 and 2000 are with a submersible motor. The 1000 series is the natural choice for industrial and domestic aeration applications, while the 2000 series is especially designed for heavy loaded plants and SBR applications. A pressurised hood protects the motor of the 100 series


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